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Three lessons from the school of hard knocks. How you handle your mistakes makes all the difference. Knowing your values is what leads to your dream job. Your work friends matter.


THREE LESSONS FROM THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS  I remember the happy day I graduated from college, being handed my all important Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management. So much success and joy, I certainly felt like I could take on the world. And then I realized I had a lot to learn. When I landed my first big girl job, I quickly realized that if I recited textbook staffing theory to the Director of Human Resources, I would be taking the chance of being laughed at. I learned that being armed with knowledge was not enough. What mattered in[…]

Twenty truths about Telecommuting

20 Truths about Telecommuting

  20 Truths about Telecommuting Telecommuting as a recruiter has been unimaginably great. But like anything, it still has downsides, and it has not been the answer to everything. But oh how I love the upsides! Here are twenty weird but true facts about my life as a telecommuter:  I work most days in my pjs from my dining room There will be times that I will put the phone on mute because my dog is trying to chew my arm off. The internet going out is my number one fear of the workday. Instead of breaking to chat with[…]

Friendly business lady- it's all in a name

It’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady

It’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady When I decided to start a blog, I had my first big decision to make. I had to choose a name for the page. So did I take it seriously? Hmm, well. (Cough) The short answer is no. 🙃 I sat there and stared at the computer screen and tried to decide on something. Ugh. Unlike my husband, I am one to completely rush into decisions. If it were him starting a blog, he would have dwelled on the decision for weeks and weeks before taking the plunge. That is[…]

three inspiring women that should be a part of your mantra -

Three Inspiring Women who should Become a Part of your Mantra

Three Inspiring Women who should Become a Part of your Mantra Over the years, there have been a few people in the spotlight that have significantly contributed to my personal values when it comes to business. I like to say that I drink their kool aide, but that may be my sarcastic humor peeking through. In full disclosure, I will listen to anyone who has something meaningful to say about their success, but I constantly find myself going to three woman who have a very specific and empowering message. Their words have become my mantra, that little voice in my[…]

The Secret to Success You’ve Been Looking For – Delivered From my Grandfather

The Secret to Success You’ve Been Looking For –  Delivered From my Grandfather  If you’re like me, you may find yourself at points in your life when you look around and wondering if you’ve set on the right path. I’ve found myself asking questions like, ‘Am I in the right career?’, ‘Have I been making the best of the cards that I have been dealt?’, ‘Am I happy with the values that my husband and I are using to raise our kids?’, and the question of all questions, ‘Am I enough?’. It feels a little dark to stare these questions[…]

When my Dear Friend Lost her Confidence at Work

When my Dear Friend Lost her Confidence at Work Recently, I had lunch with an old friend. We don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do we can talk forever. Usually about nerdy work stuff. She still works for one of my previous employers, so she catches me up on the latest gossip and fills me in on what’s what at my old stomping grounds. Towards the end of our lunch, we started taking about our future career plans. She shared with me that she has been feeling a lack of confidence. Partly because of the[…]

How to Win Over a Call Center Employee by Being a Charmer

How to Win Over a Call Center Employee by Being a Charmer There are many call centers out there that are moving to a quality driven focus. But from my own experience, there are still a lot out there that are driven by metrics such as talk time and incoming call rate. Recently, I have spent a lot of time recruiting for call centers and it has got me thinking about how much better I myself have gotten when dialing up a customer service center. We constantly hear about how winning people over will help us get what we want.[…]

Meaningful Communication: a Toolbox of Inspiring Stories of Connection

Meaningful Communication: a Toolbox of Inspiring Stories of Connection I might as well just start this post by disclosing to you that I am a NERD. I find entertainment out of surfing the web to find videos and posts about communication. I know what you’re thinking, and it might be something like “you must have no life?!” Well, you might be right about that! 🙂 Awhile ago, I messed up with someone I was dealing with at work. I was working with a former employee of my company that was looking for a new position, let’s call her Mary. I[…]

Up the Merry During your Christmas Work Week

  It can be a real drag to work during the holidays. I personally always feel like the clock drags and drags. Companies are often running  on a skeleton crew, and as such the work flow tends to slow down. Pair that with social media at our fingertips blasting us with the seemingly Christmas fun of the holiday vacationers and the stay at homers, and it can be pretty tempting to start to thinking like the grinch! Tell your inner grinch to take a hike because there are lots of ways to help bring the holiday spirit into the workday. Little touches[…]

Launching your Job Search: A Three Sided Strategy for Success

          It can be like nails on a chalkboard. For me, can cause my eye to twitch just thinking about it. The dreaded job hunt. But where to start such an exhausting journey? First, I hope that you are as dismal as I am about change. A new job is opportunity! You have the chance to learn new things, meet new people, and achieve new goals. Congratulations on your job hunt, and the exciting adventure that follows! When setting out on your plan of attack, you may automatically turn to the comfortable advice Grandpa gave you[…]