20 Truths about Telecommuting


Twenty truths about Telecommuting

20 Truths about Telecommuting

Telecommuting as a recruiter has been unimaginably great. But like anything, it still has downsides, and it has not been the answer to everything. But oh how I love the upsides! Here are twenty weird but true facts about my life as a telecommuter:

  1.  I work most days in my pjs from my dining room
  2. There will be times that I will put the phone on mute because my dog is trying to chew my arm off.
  3. The internet going out is my number one fear of the workday.
  4. Instead of breaking to chat with coworkers, I break to take a shower.
  5. Ending at my scheduled time is tougher than you think, I get sucked in and the hours whiz by.
  6. Yes, there are days that I plop on my couch with my laptop.
  7. It’s true, for me at least, I get a heck of a lot more done at home than at the office.
  8. It can definitely get lonely, it sometimes feels like it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
  9. Then I think about the money I save in gas, and it’s all good. 🤑
  10. It’s sometimes frustrating to be at the mercy of the phone to speak with bosses and coworkers. Getting things done can be harder.
  11. I cannot keep my little ones at home. On days I’ve kept my preschooler home, I’ve had to hole in my bedroom for phone calls. When I come out, she has been known to sit on the floor right outside the door the whole time listening to me. 😪
  12. If my husband is at home during the day it’s worse, he’ll start talking to me in the middle of a phone call! Even the kids know better! 😂
  13. Yes, I do take my dog for a walk on lunch hour. And yes, it is amazing.
  14. I do feel a little unsafe at times. Although I live in a very safe neighborhood, all of my neighbors are at work during the day and are not home.
  15. The temptation to goof off is not as bad as I thought it would be. My heavy workload and goals are still there, and so far that’s been enough motivation for me to stay focused.
  16. As a working mom, it truly has offered me the flexibility that brings balance to my life.
  17. BUT, It has not eliminated, or even reduced working mom guilt. Because they are still in daycare all day I still feel like I’m missing them, and the guilt is even worse if I keep them home when working (see #11).
  18. I go into the office ten days a month, so I need to keep my work materials somewhat mobile. I have a binder with certain resources I carry around, and try to be paperless as much as possible.
  19. In the spring and summer I’ve worked from my patio. Pure bliss.
  20. I save a measurable amount of money on clothes. My business clothes last longer and I only really need a few outfits.


In the end, a job is still a job. I still have my good days and bad days, I have my friends and “tough cookies”. Telecommuting has been a very good perk of my job, but it has not been the answer to everything.

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