About me

Thank you for stopping by, hopefully you are finding this page to be valuable, thoughtful and creative. This blog is meant to help me further my passion, and that is to help people build connections to reach their goals. As recruiter for a large organization, I have the honor of helping dozens of people a month find a job in my company that might work for them. I am so passionate about what I do, I love conversation, and I love using communication as a tool to help others. I feel very proud of the work that I do every day, but still I have been feeling like something is missing, maybe even a little stale.

So, here I am. My goal is to create a place that others might find helpful in some way. As a recruiter, I hear all kinds of crazy stories and I finding my head hanging at the intimidation people feel about the job hunting process. Hopefully, this site can be place to help you put a little pep in your step when it comes to looking for a job and dealing with tough workplace situations. If you are here and reading this, thank you!

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