How I Found Balance as a Working Mom

How I Found Balance as A Working Mom

HOW I FOUND BALANCE AS A WORKING MOM When it comes to being a mom, let’s just start by saying that you are enough. Personally, I have now finally accepted that I am a normal mom. On the days that I feel I’m failing, those moments that I’m overwhelmed, or the gut wrenching feeling of being judged by extended family, I have learned to tell myself that a bad day is not a bad life. I have finally realized that success is measured differently for each individual family. The success in your own family depends on your own values and[…]

Friendly business lady- it's all in a name

It’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady

It’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady When I decided to start a blog, I had my first big decision to make. I had to choose a name for the page. So did I take it seriously? Hmm, well. (Cough) The short answer is no. 🙃 I sat there and stared at the computer screen and tried to decide on something. Ugh. Unlike my husband, I am one to completely rush into decisions. If it were him starting a blog, he would have dwelled on the decision for weeks and weeks before taking the plunge. That is[…]

Up the Merry During your Christmas Work Week

  It can be a real drag to work during the holidays. I personally always feel like the clock drags and drags. Companies are often running  on a skeleton crew, and as such the work flow tends to slow down. Pair that with social media at our fingertips blasting us with the seemingly Christmas fun of the holiday vacationers and the stay at homers, and it can be pretty tempting to start to thinking like the grinch! Tell your inner grinch to take a hike because there are lots of ways to help bring the holiday spirit into the workday. Little touches[…]