It’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady

Friendly business lady- it's all in a nameIt’s All in a Name – the Backstory of Friendly Business Lady

When I decided to start a blog, I had my first big decision to make. I had to choose a name for the page.

So did I take it seriously? Hmm, well. (Cough) The short answer is no. 🙃 I sat there and stared at the computer screen and tried to decide on something. Ugh.

Unlike my husband, I am one to completely rush into decisions. If it were him starting a blog, he would have dwelled on the decision for weeks and weeks before taking the plunge. That is so not me. I didn’t know what name I was going to choose when I woke up that morning and by the time I went to bed I had decided on a name and purchased the domain.

In typical me fashion, I decided what I wanted and went all in. By the next morning I had created my logo and site branding. No earth shattering or beautiful back story, just one of my hair brained decisions. Sorry to disappoint.

So, now that some time passed, I have had some time to really think about how the name reflects what I’m trying to say and to decide if I’m going to stick with it.

I am trying to put some positive spin into the world of careers/ business/ professionalism, or whatever you want to call it. I see so much crap advice and input out there about business that is old, dusty, and ineffective. My goal is to find a way to tell you that the world of work is not all bad, and getting ahead is no longer about bowing down to the boss, but showing your inner rock star.

So, that is what Friendly Business Lady means for me. Perhaps I could have chosen something a bit more edgy or cool, and I probably would have if I had given the decision the time it deserved. Maybe one day I’ll change it to Rockstar Recruiter (as if), or Kickass Career Girl. 😂

But for now, I’m kind of getting used to the ring of it. I think it does get to the point of my message, while being true to my whacky and sarcastic self.

Friendly Business Lady


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