Meaningful Communication: a Toolbox of Inspiring Stories of Connection

Meaningful Communication: a Toolbox of Inspiring Stories of Connection

I might as well just start this post by disclosing to you that I am a NERD. I find entertainment out of surfing the web to find videos and posts about communication. I know what you’re thinking, and it might be something like “you must have no life?!” Well, you might be right about that! 🙂

Awhile ago, I messed up with someone I was dealing with at work. I was working with a former employee of my company that was looking for a new position, let’s call her Mary. I had been handed Mary’s file from a co-worker after she had already started the interview process. After Mary’s interview, the hiring manager gave me word that they had not selected Mary for hire. My next step was to pick up the phone and let her know.

Well, when I told Mary that she had not been selected, she really let me have it. She expressed her dissatisfaction that she was hearing this news from someone she had never spoken to before. She also told me that I lacked empathy for her situation and that I was treating her like she was a check box to be marked off.

WHAT?! There is no way I lacked empathy! I pride myself on building meaningful relationships with people at work. I dealt with the situation, and I was eventually able to find Mary some other opportunities within the company. But I know that I failed in this situation, Mary was right.

So what went wrong? Looking back, I see that I failed to build a meaningful connection with Mary. When the coworker passed me Mary’s file, I hastily moved through the steps of my process and never even introduced myself. I never explained to her what was going on with her own job search. I failed to realize that by the time I picked up the phone to let her know the bad news, Mary had already been through the emotional roller coaster that interviewing can sometimes cause. Let alone whatever unrelated battles she may have been dealing with caused by being in the job market.

I knew that in this situation, I was not at my best. So, I turned to some of my favorite internet resources to splash some cold water on my face. Does this make me a nerd? Maybe. But, it also makes me better at my job. And should I be given the honor in the future, it makes better suited to help people like Mary.

Amongst all of my nerd research, the list below is made up of the some of the best that I’ve found from around the web. I keep them in my “toolbox” of personal knowledge, and refer to these often. (Especially when I mess up and find the need to check myself.)

All of these web clips offer a deep insight on the real meaning of communication- human connection. These videos are both educational, and at times, tear jerking examples of what it means to have meaningful communication. And more importantly, connection.

As an added plus, the makers of each video are valuable sources of research and authorities that have put together TONS of amazing content on the beautiful art of human connection. Dive deeper into the internet about each of these sources, and you’ll find lots of entertaining and meaningful content.

The Friendly Business Lady’s Toolbox of Inspiring Stories about Human Connection

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