Three Inspiring Women who should Become a Part of your Mantra

Three Inspiring Women who should Become a Part of your Mantra

three inspiring women that should be a part of your mantra - friendlybusinesslady.comOver the years, there have been a few people in the spotlight that have significantly contributed to my personal values when it comes to business. I like to say that I drink their kool aide, but that may be my sarcastic humor peeking through. In full disclosure, I will listen to anyone who has something meaningful to say about their success, but I constantly find myself going to three woman who have a very specific and empowering message. Their words have become my mantra, that little voice in my head that guides my decisions and has become a part of me.

These woman have inspiring and motivating things to say, and I recommend them to anyone who is working on their own mantra!

Brené Brown
I could listen to her talk all day. I mention one
of her quick but impactful videos in my post that provides resources about meaningful communication. if you're not also in the arena getting your ass kicked, im not interested in your feedback -brene brown Brené Brown is a researcher and storyteller who studies Human Connection, or more specifically, the power of vulnerability. The conclusions of her research draw me in and her ideas really have made me a better communicator. I first stumbled onto her Ted Talk on Vulnerability that went viral. Her message was about embracing the uncomfortable and allowing yourself to stare tough moments in the face and handle them with courage. I’ve since read her book, Rising Strong,  and have been a Brené Brown nerd ever since.

Her quote below is one of my favorites. It comes from her talk at 99U about how to deal with your critics. In an almost poetic way, she encourages the idea that you should invite your critics in and let them be a part of your world, but tell them that you are not going to be listening to their heckles. Of course, she’s talking about those providing non constructive feedback.

Liz Ryanyour job can grow your flame or squash it, choose wisely - liz ryan

Liz’s Human Workplace blog is the uplifting soul food that every job seeker needs. She just released a new book, Reinvention Roadmap, and I cannot wait to read it. I recommend her to every person in my life that is job hunting. She gives practical advice on how to use relationships to help you nail a job. She has this idea called a pain letter, in which you write a letter to hiring managers talking about how you can specifically help them meet their business needs. It’s a new and better spin to the elevator pitch.

I follow her on LinkedIn and she is constantly putting out useful content that builds you up. I chose her quote below because I think this represents her overall message. She is constantly talking about growing your flame and surrounding yourself with others that help you do just that.

JK Rowling

This leading lady needs no introduction. I am so inspired by the way JK Rowling, the author of the incredibly successful Harry Potter books, worked her way through adversity to become one of the worlds most respectable women. Her work holds a special place for so many people throughout the world. Just saying, there are multiple  amusement parks inspired by her work, that’s pretty damn amazing if you think about it.

If you ever feel like major success is a world away and don’t feel like it can happen for you, just look to the wise of words of Jo.

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