Up the Merry During your Christmas Work Week


It can be a real drag to work during the holidays. I personally always feel like the clock drags and drags. Companies are often running  on a skeleton crew, and as such the work flow tends to slow down. Pair that with social media at our fingertips blasting us with the seemingly Christmas fun of the holiday vacationers and the stay at homers, and it can be pretty tempting to start to thinking like the grinch!

Tell your inner grinch to take a hike because there are lots of ways to help bring the holiday spirit into the workday. Little touches of Christmas cheer and some innocent cohoots with your co-workers may make the day a little less miserable and maybe even enjoyable.

Check out a few things that have worked for me in heightening the Christmas spirit during the holiday work week.

Ways to Up the Merry during your Christmas Work Week

1. Turn your desk into winter wonderland
A few inexpensive decorations can make a big impact on spreading Christmas cheer throughout the office. A few ornaments or small snowman statues are easy to transport and don’t take up a lot of space. Swing by your local dollar store to pick up a small collection for a few dollars. If you’re open to a bit more of a commitment, you can pick up a poinsettia plant for an inexpensive price.

2. Earn bragging rights with an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest
This is a big trend right now. When at market district this week I saw ugly holiday sweaters for sale in the freezer aisle! But it can be a lot of fun with coworkers to see the creative holiday masterpiece sweaters people come up with. After recruiting your coworkers to join the fun, hit the thrift store for a classic variety ugly sweater . For the craftier version, hit the craft store and/or Christmas aisle to really get the competitive edge!

3. Get the Jingle Bell Rock going
If you didn’t guess, Jingle Bell Rock happens to be my favorite Christmas song!  Liven up the mood at the office with some Holiday tunes! Rock out (softly) to the holiday stations on Pandora Internet Radio or bring in a small stereo to tune in a local station that features Christmas music. This one may not work for every workplace, so you may want to check with your boss first. Gaining your coworkers support first is just as important.

4. Food brings everyone together
Another trick to create a sense of Christmas spirit amongst your coworkers is to bring in some good food! Whip up your favorite cookies, appetizer, or dip and send an email out to all your team members sharing the treats!

5. Keep your perspective straight

The holidays are about stepping away from the normal, and that can include how you spend time with your co-workers. Take an extra few moments out of your day to spend a little extra time them doing something non work related. Last year, a few of my coworkers that were working on Christmas Eve took a few minutes out of their day to make a funny video together. After the holiday, the video got sent around to the rest of the team and everyone got to enjoy it. The holidays are about relaxing from the daily grind. Within reason, kick back and enjoy your co-workers for a change!!

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